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Review of Turbo Bomber

Turbo Bomber is the latest and trendy app, specially introduced for Androids and smartphones. Smartphones have a bundle of functions, among those SMS (text messaging) is a most prominent feature. By sending messages we can convey our messages and thoughts to others. Sending SMS is convenient, comfortable, affordable, and the fastest way of conversation with friends and family members. So, to make this feature more funny and interesting we have just introduced an incredible SMS bombing app called Turbo Bomber app. This app offers unlimited SMS Bomber app in the shortest period of time. Download the App for free of cost.

The users can do a prank on their friends and fellows by sending them unlimited messages anonymously.  The users of Turbo Bomber can send 1 to 200 messages in a single minute and the receiver can not know what is happening with him. It is easy to use. The download and install methods are quite convenient and free of cost.

What is the Turbo Bomber app?

Turbo Bomber MOD is an incredible and newest messaging app, specially designed for Android and smartphones. It is mostly used for pranking on friends and fellows. The users loved to use this app and send a maximum of 200 messages at a time. This app is the funniest and most entertaining app. Most smartphone users prefer SMS to call and live chat because it is an affordable, comfortable, and easy way of transferring thoughts and opinions. There is no hurdles, the users can easily and calmly use this app. The download and install process is simple and free of cost. No registration is needed to use this app.

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Key features of Turbo Bomber

Turbo Bomber app has uncountable essential features, some of which are given below:

  • Send 1 to 200 messages at a time
  • Do prank on friends and fellows
  • The receiver does not know what is going on with him.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to download and install the app
  • No registration
  • Free Momonem
  • No animation
  • 100% free
  • Increase or decrease the number of messages
  • Add number from contact list
  • No errors or bugs

Remember that…?

Pranking on others by sending unlimited and unnecessary messages is actually a crime and the sender may have penalty or punished for it. So, take care of it and try to utilize it for personal use.

How to use this app?

This app is quite convenient to handle it. First, you need to download the Turbo Bomber app from the apk folder by clicking on the download option and wait for a while to complete the process. Touch on the install option and allow for installing an unknown app from the settings of your phone and wait till installing is complete.  Open the app and use it. Two boxes should appear there. Choose the first box and add a targeted number to it. In the second box enter a number of messages you want to send. Now touch the button ‘BOMB’  the messages will be sent at the bullet speed.  You can stop the process of sending messages at any stage.


Turbo BomberIt is clear from the above description that this is the funniest and most entertaining app that can be used to tease and prank on friends and fellows. If you like the features of this app then without any delay, download the app and start using it in your Android and smartphones in free of cost.

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