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Renz gaming injector Apk official recall file for mlbb. The gaming apk s the latest android application for mlbb lovers.
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Renz gaming injector Apk official recall file for mlbb. The gaming apk is the latest android application for mlbb lovers. Get the hero skins and costumes free of cost. The file unlocks shining skin and emotes. This file is newly developed file to modify mlbb. The file is for the android 4.0 to android 12.0 version. Mlbb mod is now here to provide you recall and drone menu apk for mlbb. Download the latest version of Renz injector Apk. The function of the injector is superb one and deal. The menu of files is safe and secured. Get a new gaming injector apk for mlbb.

What is Renz Gaming Injector Apk?

The regt file for MLBB is amazing because you can get lot of features from it. Most of the mlbb players want to get unlimited features at zero cost, So Renz gaming is one of them, You can get unlimited coins and diamonds with the gaming file apk. While fighting in battle the injector provides us with hundreds of support tricks to kill enemies. The first menu for support is unlimited health till the end of the battle, If a players get unlimited health for the battle then it’s impossible to kill it, So the has unlimited health features. This menu makes you stronger than other players.

Secondly, The app is specially designed for mlbb battle purpose to renew all old features in new directions. Old features mean the emotes and costumes. The costume you have is,t unlocked but now you can unlock all these features once again.

More about Renz gaming injector APk MLBB.

The usage of the file modifies your gameplay with unlimited speed in the battle menu. gaming mlbb apk is speed file for new players who are getting bored wth slow runs and emotes, so they can get unlimited speed and they can reach to the destination in few times.

Once again back to the tabure tettoral menu of mlbb for skin script menu. the application varies skin script menu and printed menu to choose our favorite skins n all updates of ml.

Features of Renz gaming Injector.

  • Drone view up to 6x
  • Contol health
  • Legacy in battle
  • printed skins
  • Get paid skins for you
  • NEW ESP script
  • Free download
  • Safe to use
  • Get your favorite premium skins
  • Get mod menu in gameplay
  • Configuration mode
  • Delight lobby highly secured privacy
  • Background notifications
  • Zoom up to 10x
  • New purple sky available


The Renz gaming apk s an auto-kill application for mlbb. Now increases your kills n battle without kill menu for mlbb. Everyone will get the file after review at your gameplay and kills. If you really wanna get more kills then download the latest file for free of cost.

Step of downloading

  • Click on download
  • Wait for 6 second
  • After complete downloading
  • Install the app
  • Now start your game with dynamic features.

How to install the app

  • Click on the file manager
  • Open it and go to the application folder
  • Now open the folder
  • Now click on the file
  • Their notification will appear to ignore it.
  • No click on the install option to allow the app for your battle.


The way apk auto kills menu support mlbb players. ts selection of file means winning of battle with our teammates. Secure your gameplay with the menu and enjoy the new menu of mlbb. if you wanna need famous mod for mlbb then get the Cyrax Mod apk for maximum kills.


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